Previous projects have shown that there is very little awareness about the potentials of technology to support people with dementia. ENABLE tried to raise awareness in the project partner countries, as well as Europe-wide and internationally.

The national reports on the results from the participating countries are available here (in PDF format):

National Report - Finland
National Report - Lithuania
National Report - Norway
National Report - UK
Report - PG Hybrid


Scientific publications from the ENABLE project


The ENABLE Final Conference took place in Oslo 21-23 June 2004

The programme for the conference is presented below. Some of the lecturers' presentations are available here.
Monday 21.06.04


Registration, coffee/tea and cake


Chairs:  Sidsel Bjørneby & Petrina Duff

Opening Session 
- Knut Engedal, ENABLE co-ordinator
- Gesa Hansen, European Commission
- Jean Georges, Executive Director in Alzheimer Europe
- Sigurd Sparr, Head of the Dementia Association of Norway


Meeting the needs of people with dementia and their carers
Mary Marshall, Professor, Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling University, Scotland




Presenting the ENABLE Project
Inger Hagen, PhD, scientific co-ordinator in the ENABLE-project




Exhibition and poster presentations (number 1 – 7)





Chairs: Torhild Holthe & Jane Gilliard

Designing technology for people with dementia
User requirements: “Marrying the familiar with new technology”
Sidsel Bjørneby, OTR, consultant and partner in the ENABLE-project


The design process
Roger Orpwood, Director of Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, and partner in the ENABLE-project

Designing products for entertainment and pleasure:
Do-it-Yourself Picture Gramophone

 Päivi Topo, PhD, Director of Research, STAKES and partner in the ENABLE-project


Hearing the voice of persons with dementia
Video from use of the Picture Gramophone


Boat tour on the Oslo fjord with buffet dinner (optional)


Tuesday 22.06.04


Chairs: Inger Hagen & Jurate Macijauskiene

Ethical dilemmas in dementia care and use of technology
Anneli Sarvimäki, Director of research, Age Institute, Finland

09.45- 10.15

Experiences in project on informed consent, ethical dilemmas and  procedures 
Kerry Jones, MSc, Research officer Dementia Voice and research officer in the ENABLE-project




Assessing Quality of Life of People with Dementia
Meryl Brod, President of  The Brod group, USA


Quality of life aspects of using the DQoL quality of life scale in ENABLE, how did it work?
Suzanne Cahill, PhD, Director of Dementia Services Information and Development Centre in Dublin, and partner in the ENABLE-project




Exhibition and poster presentations (number 8 – 13)


Chairs: Knut Engedal &  Suzanne Cahill

Economic challenges for the society caring for people with dementia
Eamon O´Shea, Senior lecturer, National University of Ireland

14.45- 15.15

The socio-economic costs and benefits of the ENABLE technologies: Methodology and results
Petrina Duff, MSc, Senior research consultant WRC, Dublin and partner in the ENABLE-project




Hearing the voice of a carer
Experience of participating in the project
Doris Martinsen, family carer


Chair: Sigurd Sparr, Head of Norwegian Dementia Association

Implications for policy and practice
Panel and plenary discussion:

Panel:    Jean Georges
              Eamon O’Shea
              Meryl Brod
              Mary Marshall
              Anneli Sarvimäki
              Richard Humphries
              Britt Hildeng

18.00- 19.30

Reception hosted by Oslo City in the City Hall (Oslo Raadhus)


Wednesday 23.06.04


9.00 – 9.25

9.25 – 9.50

9.50 – 10.15

10.15 – 10.30

10.30 – 11.00

11.00 – 11.20

Chair: Roger Orpwood & Aase-Marit Nygaard

Can technology help people with dementia?
Results from user assessments in each of the 5 countries

Researching dementia: A practical approach to inclusion
Emer Begley, MSc, Research officer, Dementia Services Information and Development Centre in Dublin and research officer in the ENABLE-project

The importance of making  user needs analysis
Torhild Holthe, OTR, consultant Norwegian Centre for Dementia Research and Research officer and partner in the ENABLE-project

Assessment of using a Picture Gramophone in day care centres
Päivi Topo, PhD Director of Research, STAKES and partner in the ENABLE-project


Can technology help people with dementia and their carers?
Results of quantitative analysis

Jura Macijauskiene, MD, PhD, Senior lecturer Kaunas Medical University and partner in the ENABLE-project

Case stories: Cross cultural experiences of assistive devices
Kerry Jones, MSc, Research officer Dementia Voice and research officer in the ENABLE-project


Comparing the experiences
Inger Hagen, ENABLE


Presentation of poster price
Päivi Topo

Concluding remarks
Knut Engedal


Enabling products for people with dementia

This is the web site of an exciting research project which was aimed at "marrying the new with the familiar" when developing and introducing new technology to people with dementia and their carers.

Quality of Life
The project aimed at facilitating independent living of people with early dementia and to promote their wellbeing through access to enabling systems and products. Pleasure, memory support, entertainment and own activity were key words in the project.
Five countries, wide experience
The partners were situated in England, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania and Norway, are interdisciplinary and had wide experience in dementia care and research, technology development and human factors.
The project was funded under the EC Programme Quality of Life and living resources, and lasted for three years, starting in March 2001.


Funded by the European Commission under the Programme "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources", Contract No. QLK6 - 2000 - 00653

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