The products in the project aimed to enable the person with dementia to keep occupied with activities that provide entertainment and occupation, support memory and facilitate communication.

People with dementia have traditionally not been considered potential users of new technological products, except for products to ensure safety. This project aimed to show that such products can in fact be designed and adapted to benefit this rapidly growing user group as well as their carers. If the user trials and assessments show that the products can give positive experiences, there may be a large market for such products.

Some products were developed in the project, some were commercially available at that time.

The products have been chosen because they adddress common problems for people with dementia. Also they comply with user requirements for people with dementia.

Photo of the products that were tested can be seen under Photo archive.

Enabling products for people with dementia

This is the web site of an exciting research project which was aimed at "marrying the new with the familiar" when developing and introducing new technology to people with dementia and their carers.

Quality of Life
The project aimed at facilitating independent living of people with early dementia and to promote their wellbeing through access to enabling systems and products. Pleasure, memory support, entertainment and own activity were key words in the project.
Five countries, wide experience
The partners were situated in England, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania and Norway, are interdisciplinary and had wide experience in dementia care and research, technology development and human factors.
The project was funded under the EC Programme Quality of Life and living resources, and lasted for three years, starting in March 2001.


Funded by the European Commission under the Programme "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources", Contract No. QLK6 - 2000 - 00653

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